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  • ACME Bluetooth headset BH03 Everyday

    Bluetooth V2.0, Class 2, svakodnevna upotreba, color black, talk distance up tp 10m, free talk 3.5h, usb conection and charger

    25,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME Bluetooth headset BH06 Easy

    Talk time: up to 4 hours, Standby time: up to 4 days, Charging time: max 1.5 hours, Charging port: 2.0mm DC Plug, 1 button control: MFB, Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, class 2, Supports HSP 1.1 and HFP 1.5. Compatible with all models of mobile phones, Up to 4 hours talk time & up to 4 days standby time.

    24,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME Bluetooth headset BH07 Universal

    Talk time: up to 4 hours, Charging port: micro USB, Compatible with all models of mobile phones.

    29,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH06 Fast USB car charger

    Dual USB, 2.1A

    14,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH08 Fast USB wall charger

    Phones, tablets, mp3, GPS, PSP, etc. standard USB, type A, 6W max.

    12,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH11 Dual USB car charger

    For phones, tablets, music players, GPS; Fast charging; Dual USB, Indicator: LED; Input: DC 12-24 V; Output: DC 5 V, 2.1 A MAX; Output sockets: standard USB, type A

    12,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH12 Dual USB wall charger

    Wall charger, For phones, tablets, music players, GPS, Fast charging (2.1A), Short circuit protection, Input: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz, Output: DC 5 V, 2.1 A, Output socket: standard USB, type A, Colour: White, Dual USB

    15,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH13 Universal 3in1 chargers kit

    For phones, tablets, music players, GPS, Car charger: Input: DC 12-24 V, Output: DC 5 V, 1 A, Output socket: standard USB, type A, Colour: black, Wall charger: Input: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz; Output: DC 5 V, 1 A, Output socket: standard USB, type A, Colour: white, Cable type: Micro USB to USB

    18,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH14 USB wall charger + Micro USB cable

    Input: AC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz; Output: 5V DC, 1.2A, 6W; Output socket: standard USB, type A; Colour: Black; USB connection; Used for charging & data transfer

    18,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH17 Powerful wall charger with rolling cable

    USB wall charger, For smartphones, tablets, MP3, GPS, PSP, USB output: DC 5V, 1A / 2.1A, rolling micro USB cable, 2 USB ports, Fast charging, Short circuit protection

    22,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME CH20 Wall charger + Schuko plug + 2xUSB

    For smartphones, tablets, MP3, GPS, PSP, ect., Wall charger port + 2xUSB ports, Fast charging, Fire-proof material, USB output: DC 5V / 2.1A,

    20,00 KMKUPI

  • !!! AKCIJA !!!

    ACME MH09 selfie stick monopod

    Wired selfie stick, 3.5 mm cable, Compatibility: IOS 5.0, Android 4.2 or above, Stainless steel, 124 g, Fits: phones from 58 to 75 mm, Attention! Make sure your phone volume button can take pictures or your camera app can be set to take picture with volume button.

    13,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME Mobile Power Bank 10000mAh PB04

    Power bank 10.000 mAh, Charging time: 10-20 hours, Micro USB cable, Fast charging, LCD screen, Dual USB output, Extra operating hours: +40h, DC 5.0V / 1A

    45,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME Mobile Power Bank 2200mAh PB02

    USB Power Bank, Cable length: 23 cm, micro USB, DC 5 V / 1 A, Li-ion, 2200 mAh, Charging time: 2-3 hours, Weight: 75g,

    12,00 KMKUPI

  • !!! AKCIJA !!!

    ACME Mobile Power Bank 2500mAh PB07

    Battery: Li-ion 2500mAh, Charging time: 3-5 hours, Input: Micro USB, Output: USB, Weight: 65g, Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 21mm

    13,00 KMKUPI

  • NOVO

    ACME Mobile Power Bank 4000mAh PB08

    Battery: Li-polymer 4000mAh, Charging time: 4-8 hours, Input: Micro USB, Lightning, Output: USB type-A DC 5.0 V/1 A, Weight: 120 g, Dimensions: 135 x 70 x 10 mm

    25,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME Mobile Power Bank 8000mAh PB09

    Battery: Li-polymer; 8 000 mAh, Charging time: 8-16 hours, Output: USB type-A; DC 5.0 V/2.1 A, Input: Micro USB; Lightning, Dimensions: 138 x 72 x 16 mm, Weight:195g

    45,00 KMKUPI

  • ACME Phone car holder MH02

    Side arms adjustable width 40 - 110 mm, no installation required, mounts with swing-arm mounting onto the windows or hooks onto the air vent louvers, designed to hold all medium/large sized PDAs, GPS, Smart phones and mobile phone models, automatic side arm release button, base and side arms with anti-scratch padding, 1800 swivel head for display orientation, flexible arm length: 230 mm. Suction cup attachment with easy lift removal

    16,00 KMKUPI

  • !!! AKCIJA !!!

    ACME Virtual Reality Glasses VRB01

    Secure phone placing; Lenses adjustment; Comfortable wearing; Cleaning kit; Extra accessories for smaller phones, Lens type: aspheric; Lens material: acrylic; Lens Diameter: 36 mm; Field of view: > 90°; Focus and pupil distance: adjustable; Headband: yes; Padding: artificial leather; Augmented reality support: yes; Phone size: 4–6”; Max phone dimensions: 163 x 83 mm, Weight: 370 g

    36,00 KMKUPI

  • Elephone Acc for G4 - Folija

    5,00 KMKUPI